The Autumnwood Low Floater Bond Program can finance a variety of assets including real estate, equipment, inventory, receivables and other tangible assets. The program is best suited for loans of ten million to one hundred and fifty million dollars. Autumnwood reviews your request and matches it with a major commercial bank, which issues a Letter of Credit guaranteeing weekly reset bonds whose interest rate floats similar to commercial paper. This program gives you access to funds at rates previously reserved for rated banks and large corporations. The bonds have no prepayment penalty and can be issued for a variety of terms up to thirty years. Interest rates can be collared for clients wanting to put a cap on upside movement.

Below is a listing of information required to review common real estate financing requests. Autumnwood requires a five thousand dollar nonrefundable fee to open a file, review materials, order credit reports and site reports.

If you have any questions, please call. Personal Financial Statement forms and Resume Reference forms can be printed from our site. After a preliminary review, we can quote terms and prepare an application which includes a good faith estimate of closing costs. We require the following information in order to process such a review:

  1. Names, Titles, Company Names, Addresses, Office Phones, Cell Phones, Home Phones, Office Fax, Numbers of all Principals.
  2. Project Name.
  3. Project description (Office, multifamily, mixed use, hotel, shopping center, subdivision, condominiums, conversions, loft rehabs, single family, resort or other)
  4. Number of units, square footage, size of land.
  5. Is the project a Refinance or New Construction or Conversion.
  6. If refinance, list terms of loans and lenders to payed off.
  7. Is there a current MAI Appraisal?
  8. Is there a current Environmental Report?
  9. Current rent roll and/or rental projections.
  10. Income & Expense – Actual 3-year history or projections.
  11. Resume/Reference Form for each Principal.
  12. Track record of Principals.
  13. Personal Financial Statement Form of Principals.
  14. What is the loan amount requested?
  15. What is the loan to value ratio of the borrower’s request?
  16. Where is the equity coming from? (In the case of a refiannce, the equity will be verfied by the appraisal – whereas the source of equity of the project is new construction)
  17. Are there plans, specifications, plot plans, renderings available – full size or 8 ½ x 11.
  18. Is there location information available, site photos, demographics, information on town or city, fire protection, etc.
  19. For new construction – Who is the general contractor? What is their track record? Is the General Contractor or subcontractors bonded? Have they prepared a sworn contractors statement of cost?
  20. Is there a detailed project cost summary available?
  21. List of project team: (Name, title, company name, address, phone, fax).

This Material along with your intended review check should be sent to:

Mortgage Department
Autumnwood Financial Corporation
100 N. Main St.
PO Box 947
Walworth, WI 53184
(262) 275-6808